1. Printing

    Our flexo presses can produce the entire pantone pallet and                                              at 4000 DPI HD resolution, our print quality "rivals rotogravure"

  2. Color Biology

    Color Biology is Bema's unique way of delivering                                                                fast turnaround without compromising quality

  3. Welcome

  4. Pouch & Bag Making

    Bema can create a variety of high-impact pouches

  5. Prepress

    Bema's advanced pre-press team becomes                                                                                        an extension of your design department

  6. Lamination & Slitting

    Bema provides high speed slitting & solventless lamination

Bema's Advanced Technology Center

Bema recognizes, as do you, that getting it right up front saves time and money. To ensure that this critical first step in the process has the shortest lead-time and is accurate, we have built a complete pre-press technology center in our Elmhurst facility. The Bema Tech Center incorporates all the capabilities of the most advanced digital platemaking and proofing technology; we have recognized industry experts on staff to ensure these tools are used to their full potential.


The finest pre-press personnel in the industry will work with you early in the project, effectively becoming a seamless extension of your design department. You benefit from our extensive knowledge of the entire printing and manufacturing work flow and a focused team with a meticulous attention to detail. In this way, your product is designed, from the beginning, with the entire process in mind - from design to materials, from printing to laminating and from converting to delivery.


Color Biology(TM) – uniquely Bema’s.


Bema’s Tech Center team continuously monitors the color profiles of our Windmöller & Hölscher 10 and 8 color flexographic presses and is HD Flexo certified by Esko. Our design software, color proofing and digital plate making systems all employ Esko’s Adobe Illustrator plug-ins and HD Flexo imaging engines. The most advanced photopolymers are used for the printing plates. These same plates are produced by DuPont, the manufacturer of the digital platemaking system. This combination of the team’s certified proficiency and perfectly matched technology cannot be achieved by traditional non-vertically integrated printers.


We call this fully integrated approach Color Biology(TM) and you can only get it from Bema!


Need access to our FTP? Please click the link below.  Please contact our prepress department for your logon information.


Bema FTP

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