1. Printing

    Our flexo presses can produce the entire pantone pallet and                                              at 4000 DPI HD resolution, our print quality "rivals rotogravure"

  2. Color Biology

    Color Biology is Bema's unique way of delivering                                                                fast turnaround without compromising quality

  3. Welcome

  4. Pouch & Bag Making

    Bema can create a variety of high-impact pouches

  5. Prepress

    Bema's advanced pre-press team becomes                                                                                        an extension of your design department

  6. Lamination & Slitting

    Bema provides high speed slitting & solventless lamination

HD Flexo Printing Uniquely Done

As with our advanced Pre-Press, Bema applies Color Biology(TM) to our HD flexo, flexographic printing process. As always, Bema combines a team of experienced printing professionals with the best technology and methodical procedures.  Inks, sleeves and aniloxes are continuously inspected and maintained to yield color, registration and resolution that exceed expectations. The highest quality inks flow through a digitally controlled dispensing system to ensure consistency throughout short and long print runs.


Bema’s Primaflex and Miraflex presses are designed for fast turnaround and incorporate the latest in flexographic printing enhancements. Color matching time is reduced while registration and impression settings are automated. This combined with camera based print monitoring gives Bema the flexibility to adapt to your ever-changing schedules with no compromise to product quality.


Most bag and pouch structures incorporate Polyethylene as a critical component. Bema will again take end-to-end responsibility for the quality of your product. With our sister company, Elite Extrusion, we can extend process control to the manufacturing of your materials. Elite’s films are made from the finest resins. Our close partnership assures that the interaction of film and ink is fully understood and that this joint expertise yields the results you desire. When other materials are required, Bema will leverage Elite’s state-of-the-art testing laboratory to guarantee materials we source meet your strict standards.

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