1. Printing

    Our flexo presses can produce the entire pantone pallet and                                              at 4000 DPI HD resolution, our print quality "rivals rotogravure"

  2. Color Biology

    Color Biology is Bema's unique way of delivering                                                                fast turnaround without compromising quality

  3. Welcome

  4. Pouch & Bag Making

    Bema can create a variety of high-impact pouches

  5. Prepress

    Bema's advanced pre-press team becomes                                                                                        an extension of your design department

  6. Lamination & Slitting

    Bema provides high speed slitting & solventless lamination

Color Biology(TM)

At Bema, we understand that your brands and your art must not be compromised. At the same time, your turn around time and your inventory levels must be reduced. The industry has benefited from recent color quality advances in flexo printing. Our unique approach, we call Color Biology™, takes this to the next level. By producing color saturation and brilliance that rivals the best rotogravure and litho have to offer, in less time and at a lower cost, you can focus on your core business without concern.


Bema has achieved this by developing a deep understanding of color, taking control of the entire process and sourcing only the best materials. By developing an expert understanding of the organic interaction of materials in varying environments, our “color biologists” have identified the optimized combinations of resins, additives, solvents and inks.


Color Biology™ when applied with the best technology yields what you demand – uncompromised quality and timely delivery.

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